The following births, marriages and deaths are taken from the Leigh Chronicle and cover the years 1852 to 1856, although inconsistent in detail, they often give more information than is found in the church records. There are few births recorded during this period, but the marriages are numerous, with many included from other parts of the country that have connections with Leigh and district. The deaths are especially important to family historians, as this period covers the last six years of  death's that were interred in church graveyards, before all internments were made at the new cemetery in Manchester Road. Again, more detail can be found here than in most church records, with occupations and addresses included with many entries. In September 1854 the church wardens and ministers of various churches and chapels in the district have had notice by Viscount Palmer that no new burial grounds should be opened without the previous approval of  the Secretary of State and that burials should be discontinued in the various burial grounds from after the 1st July 1855. After some parishes experienced difficulties finding suitable ground for their cemeteries, the Secretary of State extended the closure date to the 30th September 1856.