23-1-1852 Rev. W. Brownrigg Smith of London x Louisa Susannah Irvine d. of Rev. James Irvine vicar of Leigh at the Parish Church West Derby

29-1-1852 Thomas Roberts Kind Street Leigh x Miss Jane Edge of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel


7-1-1852 Joseph Eckersley farmer of Bedford 82 years

18-1-1852 George Pennington auctioneer at the Saddle Inn 43 years


1-2-1852 Robert Neild manufacturer Leigh x Miss Kirkman at Dean Parish Church

Sunday last William Wilson x Miss Harriet Ball both Kirkhall Lane at Bethseda Chapel Leigh


8-2-1852 William Collier school master Warrington Road Leigh 68 years

15-2-1852 John Lingard Astley 87 years

29-2-1852 Peter Cocker silk agent Leigh 56 years

27-4-1852 Rev. W. G. Davies Bryimbo Denbighshire x Alice daughter of J. Darlington Bedford Lodge near Leigh at Standish Parish Church

15-5-1852 James Rawlinson Atherton x Emma youngest daughter of Mr. Edwards late of Warrington at

 Pembroke Chapel Liverpool

27-5-1852 William only son of John Fairclough Leigh x Lucy daughter of the late Joseph Eckersley Folds Bedford at R. C Church Bedford                         


11-5-1852 Ellen Irlam of Bedford 83 years


17-6-1852 William Tomlin x Miss Ashcroft both of Leigh at the Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

17-6-1852 Thomas Yates of Bedford x Miss Tomlin of Leigh Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

24-6-1852 James Beck baker and grocer x Mrs. Sarah Storry  both of Leigh Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

26-6-1852 John Hayes cotton spinner Leigh x Selina 2nd daughter of R. J Jackson of Maldon Yorkshire at Maldon                       


14-6-1852 Richard Rothwell veterinary  surgeon of Leigh 27 years

25-6-1852 Mary relict of  the late Samuel Irlam Bedford 73 years


6-7-1852 Mark Tavener of Market Street x Miss Mary Hooper Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

10-7-1852 James J. Part x Miss M. E. Ashurn Parish Church Croft

13-7-1852 Samuel Leather cabinet maker King Street x Miss Ann Howarth Countess Huntingdon's Chapel Tyldsley


11-7-1852 Susan w. of Rev. James Irvine at the Vicarage 72 years

17-7-1852 Sargent, John Bradshawgate Leigh 43 years

23/7/1852 Mary relict of the late Thomas Clewerth 72 years


5-8-1852 Thomas Isherwood x Miss Ellen Collier both Leigh at Westleigh Methodist Chapel

12-8-1852 John Peters x Miss Elizabeth Boardman both Bedford at R. C Church Bedford

13-8-1852 Richard Spooner Bond of Hindley x Maria youngest d. of John Hargreaves Hart Common at Trinity Church Southport

19-8-1852 William Leigh Bonnywell Farm Pennington x Miss Bridget Dolan at R. C. Church Bedford

24-8-1852 David Scott of Edinburgh x Miss Mary Jane Banks of Green Hall Atherton at Leigh Parish Church


14-8-1852 Sarah Ellen d. of John Barton of Westleigh 3 years

20-8-1852 At Edinburgh Thomas Sutton youngest s. of late Capt. Durie RN of Astley Hall near Leigh

21-8-1852 John William s. of John Barton of Westleigh 4 years

24-8-1852 John Brideoak Church Street Leigh 81 years

28-8-1852 James Cree Bedford 35 years


25-9-1852 Brighton Sussex w. of William Charles Jones of Walmsley's near Leigh a daughter  


9-9-1852 James Murray of St. Helens x Miss Bridget Darry of Pennington R. C Church Bedford

18-9-1852 Samuel Lawton x Miss Sarah Wood both Culcheth R.C Church Pennington

21-9-1852 James Ashcroft of Bedford x Miss Sarah Hampson of Bag Lane Atherton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Leigh

21-9-1852 Moses Morriss x Miss Rachel Smith both Atherton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Leigh


4-10-1852 James Cockshoot of Salford x Hannah d, of the late William Hilton Bedford at Catholic Cathedral Salford

15-10-1852 William Rigby of Leigh x Emily Heap d. of Rev. W. Turner of Hindley at Bridge Croft Independent Chapel Hindley

15-10-1852 Thomas Wallace x Miss Margaret Effen both Bedford at R. C Church Bedford

18-10-1852 James Howarth of Macklesfield x Miss Mary Lee of Bridge Street Leigh at Bethseda Independent Chapel Leigh

20-10-1852 Henry Moss of Westleigh x Miss Catherine Coffey of Westleigh at R. C Church Bedford

25-10-1852 Ralph Lowe of Pennington x Miss Mary Hayes of Bedford at R. C Church Bedford

27-10-1852 Wright Unsworth of Westleigh x Miss Ellen Eaton Pennington at Bethseda Independent Chapel Leigh

30-10-1852 William Farley x Miss Agnes Wilson both Atherton Hall Farm near Leigh at Presbyterian Chapel Atherton


31-10-1852 At Greenhays Manchester George eldest s. of  Ellen Longworth formerly of this town


3-11-1852 Thomas Hesford x Miss Alice Gibbin both Culcheth at R. C Church Bedford

4-11-1852 Thomas Heaton x Miss Jane Gregory both Bedford at R. C Church Bedford

7-11-1952 Patrick Henry x Bridget Burke both Pennington at R. C Church Bedford

20-11-1852 John Ratcliffe x Miss Bridget Coffey both Pennington R. C Church Bedford

24-11-1852 William Chisnall x Miss Elizabeth Bent both Lowton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Leigh

24-11-1852 Morriss, John of Pennington x Miss Jane Ellen Prescott of Staley Bridge at Bethesda Independent Chapel Leigh

24-11-1852 James Collins x Miss Mary Garvey both Westleigh at R. C Church Bedford


10-11-1852 Elizabeth widow of the late John Rawlinson nail manufacturer 85 years

16-11-1852 Joseph Cunliffe Kings Arms Inn Tyldesley 47 years


7-12-1852 Edward Sullivan x Miss Alice Lowe both Tyldesley at Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Leigh

7-12-1852 Henry Clarke of Bedford x Johanna Moorland of Pennington R. C Church Bedford

14-12-1852 William Rigby of Westleigh x Miss Fanny Southern of Hindley Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Leigh

14-12-1852 James Welch x Miss Mary Dunn both Bedford at R. C Church Bedford

15-12-1852 Patrick Heshon x Miss Margaret Murphy both Bedford R. C Church Bedford

21-12-1852 John Hall grocer Victoria Place Leigh x Miss Alice Pimblett of King Street Leigh at R. C Church Bedford

21/12/1852 Thomas Gurvey of Pennington x Miss Mary Riley of Westleigh at R. C Church Bedford