5th January 1856


29/12/1855 Thomas Lythgoe of Pennington x Miss Martha Monks of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

30/12/1855 John Dickinson x Miss Alice Jones both  Pennington at Christ Church Pennington

30/12/1855 John Lonsdale x Miss Elizabeth Hawkins at Tyldesley Chapel

30/12/1855 Alexander Whitehill x Miss Mary Russell both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

31/12/1855 Robert Collier x Miss Betty William both Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel

1/1/1856 Thomas Prescott x Miss Ann Grant both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

1/1/1856 Frederick Yates Bedford x Miss Mary Ann Waterworth Atherton at Tyldsley Chapel



1/1/1856 William Eaton at Marsland Green Astley 74 years

1/1/1856 Margaret wife of James Unsworth at Peasfurlong Culcheth 71 years

1/1/1856 James son of James Kearsley at Lateley Common Bedford 15 years

1/1/1856 Harriet Brierly at Butts Bridge Bedford 22 years

2/1/1855 Gerrard Highton at King Street Bedford 70 years


12th January 1856



3/1/1856 John William Casson of Leigh x Miss Jane Armistead of Hindley at Wigan Parish Church

6/1/1856 Edward Unsworth x Miss Mary Ann Lee both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

7/1/1856 William Prestwich of Atherton x Miss Sarah Woodward of Pennington at Tyldsley Chapel



10/1/1856 William David son of Superintendant David Fowler Prescot formerly of this town 1 year

10/1/1856 John Eaton Chapel Street Bedford 44 years


19 January 1856



13/1/1856 Henry Baxter x Miss Harriet Gregson both Tyldesley at Tyldesley Chapel



10/1/1856 Ann Cowburn at Jacobs Well Westleigh 78 years

12/1/1856 Thomas son of James Mansley rope maker at Pennington 8 months

13/1/1856 Silas son of John Smith at Westleigh 1 year

14/1/1856 Mary widow of Andrew Caunce at Bedford 40 years

17/1/1856 Samuel Daniels at High Street Bedford 32 years

17/1/1856 George Battersby of King Street Pennington 40 years

18/1/1856 Peter Taylor one of the oldest tradesmen in the neighborhood at the residence of his son in law Mr. C. Widdows Market Street, Leigh 80 years


26th January 1856



21/1/1856 John Ward x Miss Elizabeth Fairclough both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

23/1/1856 William Ironfield of Westleigh x Miss Mary Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel



21/1/1856 Henry wife of Henry Gerrard 77 years

23/1/1856 Mary Jane daughter of William Cocker bookseller at Bradshawgate 2 years

23/1/1856 Sarah Ellen d of Thomas Lee farmer at Parsonage Westleigh 4 years

24/1/1856 Zoriah son of Peter Ratcliffe Bridge Street Leigh

24/1/1856 Ellen wife of Richard Blackburn at Westwell's Row Westleigh 76 years


2 February 1856



26/1/1856 John Hill of Pennington x Miss Ellen Haughton of Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel

26/1/1856 John Baxendale of Astley x Miss Ann Ward of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

26/1/1856 Joseph Monks of Bedford z Miss Mart Donaghue of Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel

31/1/1856 Thomas Dawson x Miss Mary Edge both Tyldesley at Tyldsley Chapel



24/1/1856 Betty wife of Peter Mann at Astley green, Astley she has left 38 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren 75 years

29/1/1856 Margaret wife of the late James Hindley at King Street Bedford 72 years

30/1/1856 William Woodward at Dangerous Corner Westleigh 69 years


9th February 1856



2/2/1856 James Green of Astley x Mary Cook of Pendlebury at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

2/2/1856 Silvester Needham of Atherton x Miss Mary Hill of Tyldesley at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh



1/1/1856 Hannah relict of the late William Clare at her residence in lower Broughton 78 years

22/1/1856 Mrs. Gerrard farmer at Atherton 78 years  

2/2/1856 Samuel Lee at Lateley Common Bedford 15 years

4/2/1856 Jonathan infant son of Adam Smith at Derby Street Leigh 

6/2/1856 Mary widow of James Sanderson at Moss Side Astley 66 years   


16th February 1856



4/2/1856 William Naylor x Miss Ellen Hampson both Pennington at Christ Church Pennington



10/2/1856 Thomas infant son of James Ball at Noble Street Bedford

11/2/1856 Mary wife of William Harper at Higher Hall Westleigh 72 years

11/2/1856 Martha wife of William Ramsdale at Naylor's Fold Bedford 35 years

11/2/1856 John Paul farmer at Newchurch Culcheth 59 years

13/2/1856 Abraham Prescott at Lately Common Bedford 24 years

13/2/1856 Ann daughter of the late Emmanuel Gibson farmer Westleigh 48 years


23rd February 1856



9/2/1865 John Fearnley x Miss Elizabeth Turton both Lowton at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh



17/2/1856 George only child of Samuel Redford at Elliot Street Tyldesley 4 months

17/2/1856 Thomas son of John Lang at Bradshawleach Pennington 16 years

22/2/1856 Ralph son of Samuel Hayes at Bradshawgate Leigh  11 month


1st March 1856




23/2/1856 William Smith of Westleigh x Miss Martha Rothwell of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

25/2/1856 Thomas Mills x Miss Alice Pendlebury both Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel

27/2/1856 Thomas Naylor x Miss Alice Talbot both Lowton at Bethesda Independent

Chapel Leigh

27/2/1856 Charles Haughton of Astley x Miss Ellen Worsley of Bedford at Tyldesley




20/2/1856 Ann daughter of Thomas Collier at Town Lane Astley 1 year

24/2/1856 Martha daughter of William Pennington at Lately Common Bedford 2 years

24/2/1856 Richard Green at Old Abbey Culcheth 24 years

25/2/1856 Ann wife of William Boardman Jun. at Park Road Liverpool


8 March 1856



2/3/1856 Mary wife of the late Joseph Oakes at Chapel Street, Bedford

2/3/1856 William Woods at Westleigh 50 years

3/3/1856 James Smith at Westleigh 25 years

4/3/1856 William Shannon at Welsh Hill 54 years


15 March 1856



2/3/1856 James West x Miss Sarah Yates both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

8/3/1856 Michael Mather x Miss Ellen Grundy both Tyldesley at Tyldsley Chapel



4/3/1856 Thomas James Mann at Astley Green Astley 4 years

10/3/1856 James son of James Walton at Butts Bridge 1 year

12/3/1856 Alice widow of the late John Unsworth timber merchant at Atherton 67 years she was deeply  lamented by a large circle of relatives and friends

13/3/1856 Miss Hannah Barnes at Cleveland Square, Atherton 20 years


22 March 1856



4/2/1856 James Friar x Miss Mary Yates both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

10/2/1856 Henry Hodgkinson x Miss Mary Hart both Atherton at Tyldesley Chapel

17/3/1856 James Hindley x Miss Mary Massey both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel



15/3/1856 Betty wife of the late Adam Grundy at Astley Green Astley 77 years

16/3/1856 Margaret daughter of Andrew Dolan at Hall's Fold Bedford

17/3/1856 James Battersby Row Culcheth 53 years


29 March 1856



23/3/1856 Phineas Barnes of Tyldsley x Miss A. Baxendale of Astley at St. Stephens


23/3/1856 William Prescott of Atherton x Miss Margaret Davies of Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

24/3/1856 Thomas Hayes x Miss A. Rowland both Lowton at Tyldesley Chapel

24/3/1856 Samuel Southern of Westleigh x Miss E Hayes of Aspull Common Pennington at Bethesda Independent Chapel Leigh

24/3/1856 John Naughton x Miss Ellen Rabbitt both Tyldesley at R C Church Bedford

27/3/1856 Joseph Rigby x Miss Ann Hampson both Westleigh at Unitarian Church




22/3/1856 Ann wife of James Pemberton at Dangerous Corner Westleigh 73 years

22/3/1856 Ellen wife of J. S Mort at Union Street Leigh


5 April 1856



29/3/1856 Edward Latham Ormerod MD of Brighton 6th son of George Ormerod DCL of Tyldesley in this county and Sedbury Park Gloucestershire x Maria 2nd daughter of Frederick Millit of Woodhill near Guilford

31/3/1856 John Gerrard of Leigh x Miss Elizabeth Richardson of Bedford at R C Church  Bedford

2/4/1856 James Farrell of Westleigh x Miss Ann O'Conner of Pennington at R C Church Bedford



28/3/1856 Richard Blackwell at Westwell's Row Westleigh 74 years

30/3/1856 Joshua Gregory farmer at Little Hulton 70 years

30/3/1856 Frances Hayes at Gas Street Leigh 72 years

31/3/1856 Peter Hampson Astley Green at Astley 48 years

1/4/1856 Sarah Jane daughter of Thomas Ratcliffe at King Street Bedford 21 months

2/4/1856 Ann wife of James Massey beer seller at Firs Lane Westleigh age 42 years

2/41856 Margaret wife of John Peake farmer at Kenyon 59 years


12 April 1856



31/3/1856 Samuel Wetton x Miss Mary Stott both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

6/4/1856 William Eaton x Miss Mary Elizabeth Battersby both Pennington at Tyldsley Chapel

7/4/1856 Peter Nightingale v Miss Alice Brooks both Tyldesley at Tyldsley Chapel



6/4/1856 James Gerrard at Cross Street Bedford 5 years

7/4/1856 Ellen daughter of Thomas Battersby at Butts Bridge Bedford 7 months

10/4/1856 Thomas Ramsdale at Butts Bedford 34 years

10/4/1856 Thomas son of Ralph Yates at China Row Bedford 11 weeks

11/4/1856 Peter son of Thomas Taylor Risley Culcheth 11 weeks


19 April 1856




12/4/1856 Moses Pendlebury x Miss Ellen Thompson both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

12/4/1856 Richard Birchall of Bedford x Miss Catherine Leigh of Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel

13/4/1856 Thomas Pickanance x Miss Jane Bradshaw both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

14/4/1856 William Pendlebury x Miss Margaret Aspinall both Bedford at Tyldesley



12/4/1856 William Potts at Bury Lane Culcheth 18 years

12/4/1856 Richard Sale pensioner at Back Lane Westleigh 78 years

12/4/1856 Hannah wife of Thomas Arrowsmith at Church Yard Leigh 23 years

14/4/1856 Martha Alice daughter of William Horrocks at Lateley Common Bedford 7


17/4/1856 Margaret daughter of James Merrick at Lowton Lane Culcheth 3 days

17/4/1856 Joseph Parr at Pickley Green, Westleigh 56 years


26th April 1856



19/4/1856 Thomas Green x Miss Ellen Hulme both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

20/4/1856 James Rees Lord x Mss Alice Ashcroft both Bedford at Wesleyan Chapel


21/4/1856 Richard Hampson x Miss Alice Critchley both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

21/4/1856 Patrick Burke x Miss Mary Murphy both Bedford at R C Church Bedford

21/4/1856 Thomas Spedding x Miss Mary Ann Lowe both Westleigh at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh


3rd May 1856



26/4/1856 Edward Coin x Miss Ellen Donaghue both Pennington at R C Church Bedford

27/4/1856 Sedlow, William x Miss Ann Ives both Atherton at Wesleyan Methodist


2/5/1856 James Edge x Miss Mary Jones of Leigh at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh



26/4/1856 Ralph son of Robert Thorp at Naylor's Fold Bedford 4 months

28/4/1856 Harriet daughter of William Burrows at Old Fold Westleigh 3 years

29/4/1856 Alice wife of John Grundy at Peter Street Bedford 64 years

1/5/1856 Sarah wife of Luke Stirrup at Twist Lane Leigh 63 years

25/1856 William Latham plumber and glazier King Street Leigh 82 years


10th May 1856



1/5/1856 Joseph Baxter x Miss Ellen Foster Astley church not given

8/5/1856 Joseph Hill x Miss Alice Prescott Astley church not given



3/5/1856 Mary wife of John Bamford at Chapel Street Bedford 31 years

3/5/1856 Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Waterworth at Chapel Street 11 months


17th May 1856



6/5/1856 Abraham Boydell x Miss Mary Smith both Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel

11/5/1856 John Owen x Miss Mary Derby both Tyldesley at Tyldesley Chapel

11/5/1856 William Leeming x Miss Alice Grundy both Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel

11/5/1856 Robert Ashton of Pennington x Elizabeth Higginson of Leigh church not given


24th May 1856



16/5/1856 Hugh Parry x Mss Elizabeth Unsworth both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

18/5/1856 Edward Leigh of Bedford x Miss Dinah Mason of Pennington at Tyldsley


19/5/1856 Robert Ashton of Pennington x Miss Elizabeth Higginson of Leigh



16/5/1856 Peter Clerk at Newchurch Culcheth 71 years


31st May 1856



24/5/1856 Henry Randolph only son of R.W.A, Scott at Church Street Leigh 16 months

26/5/1856 Elizabeth eldest daughter of Mrs. Mary Lowton at Market Street, Leigh after a long and painful illness


7th June 1856



24/5/1856 James Lowe x Miss Margaret Boydell both Lowton at Tyldesley Chapel

25/5/1856 Thomas Hilton x Miss Ann Taylor both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

25/5/1856 William Pemberton x Miss Lidia Parkinson both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

31/5/1856 Henry Hatton of Bedford x Miss Elizabeth Grundy of Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel



3/6/1856 James McDonald at King Street Leigh 44 years

4/6/1856 John Rigby at Bradshawgate Leigh 22 years


14th June 1856



7/6/1856 Wife of William Marshall of Hindley Green Hall a son



8/6/1856 Samuel Aspinall of Bedford x Miss Jane Aldred Culcheth at Tyldesley Chapel



11/6/1856 Arthur infant son of Thomas Halliwell post master at Leigh


21st June 1856



11/6/1856 Peter Jameson of Westleigh x Miss Mary Ann Ratcliffe of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel



13/6/1856 Lola Massey at Wigshaw Culcheth 17 years

14/6/1856 George Peter son of Peter Thomason at Lateley Common Bedford 12 month

14/6/1856 Elizabeth Ann daughter of George Darlington at Cross Street Bedford 2 weeks

15/6/1856 Peter Hindley at Brown Street Bedford 24 years

18/6/1854 Mary Ward at Mill Lane End Bedford 19 years


28th June 1856



22/6/1856 Peter Bird at Diamond Street Pennington 6 years

22/6/1856 Edward son of Joseph Cook at Vernon Street Pennington 15 months

24/6/1856 Robert Pemberton at Dangerous Corner Westleigh 64 years


5th July 1856



3/7/1856 Rev. Samuel Lord of Leigh x Miss Stephenson daughter of R Stevenson of

Church Street, Sculcoats Hull at Great Thornton Street Wesleyan Chapel Hull



27/6/1856 John Smith farmer at Row Culcheth 73 years

27/6/1856 Henry son of John Forster deceased at Bury lane Culcheth 10 months

29/6/1856 Mildred wife of  Joseph Battersby at Town Lane Astley 20 years

1/7/1856 Margaret daughter of John Worrall farmer Lateley Common Bedford 3 years


12th July 1856



5/7/1856 John Smith x Miss Mary Ann Golding both Tyldesley at R C Church Bedford

6/7/1856 William Taylor x Miss Ellen Boothe at Independent Chapel Leigh



7/7/1856 Ellen wife of Peter Ratcliffe at Trafalgar Street, Bedford 63 years

10/7/1856 William so of Joseph Crook at Jones's Square Bedford 8 years


18th July 1856



11/7/1856 Mary wife of John Thorp at Astley Green Astley 49 years

11/7/1856 Alice wife of George Burrows at Duke Street Bedford 23 years

17/7/1856 Peter son of James Unsworth at Butts Bedford 1 month


25 July 1856



15/7/1856 Wife of William Henry Strong of Newchurch rectory at York



19/7/1856 Ellis Litherland of Culcheth x Miss Ellen Unsworth of Bedford at R C Church Bedford

20/7/1856 Thomas Wainwright of Pennington x Miss Ellen Townley of Bedford at

Tyldesley Chapel

20/7/1856 William Smith of Bedford x Miss Margaret Gibbons Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel



22/7/1856 Joshua Cooke at Astley Green Astley 25 years

22/7/1856 Joseph Henshall ironmonger at Lord Street 16 years

23/7/1856 James Collier at Jones's Square Bedford 41 years

24/7/1856 Michael son of Patrick Ainsbury at King Street Bedford 6 months


2nd August 1856



27/7/1856 Richard Aldred of Atherton x Miss Ann Barber of Tyldesley at Presbyterian Chapel Atherton

27/7/1856 John Brierly x Miss Esther Pomfrett of Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

28/7/1856 James France x Miss Hannah Woodward both Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel

28/7/1856 John Bond x Miss Sara Woodward Both Westleigh at Tyldesley Chapel

28/7/1856 Thomas Topping x Miss Susannah Tatlock both Westleigh at Tyldsley Chapel

29/7/1856 Joseph Gregory x Miss Elizabeth Hill both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel



27/7/1856 Mary Jane daughter of Sarah Seddon Green Lane End Bedford 6 weeks

27/7/1856 Jane beloved niece of George Jackson of Mirfield Yorkshire at Bedford

Lodge Astley 23 years

29/7/1856 Peter Lawton at Astley Green Astley 62 years

30/7/1856 John Mains ay Risley Culcheth 54 years


9th August 1856



2/8/1856 Robert Meadows labourer at Back Lane Westleigh 66 years

3/8/1856 Edward Charleston lodging house keeper at Warrington Road Leigh 66 years

4/8/1856 James Lythgoe of Hindley at Westleigh

4/8/1856 Emma daughter of William Rigby at Due Street Bedford 1 year

4/8/1856 Ellen daughter of George Clare at Bury Lane Culcheth 6 weeks

5/8/1856 Ellen wife of Thomas Prescott shopkeeper Chapel Street 63 years

5/8/1856 Henry Ebenezer eldest son of Henry Jones Church Street Leigh 7 years 6


5/81856 Henry son of James Green at Moss Side Astley 4 months

6/8/1856 Mary Hodson at Astley Green Astley 13 years

6/8/1856 Elizabeth Harris at Upper Brook Street Chorlton o Medlock only sister of

George Harris at Astley 84 years

9/8/1856 Thomas Prescott at Bold Street Pennington 25 years


16 August 1856



7/8/1856 Ellen wife of Edmund Bleasedale at Lateley Common Bedford 29 years

7/81856 Ann Thompson at Astley Green Astley 27 years

9/8/1856 Margaret wife of John Hayes at Chapel Street Bedford

14/81856 Jane wife of William Young at Trafalgar Street Bedford 24 years


23 August 1856



15/8/1856 Betty widow of the late Thomas Clarke at Bury Lane Culcheth 76 years

15/8/1856 John Hayes at Parsonage Lane Westleigh 73 years

16/8/1856 Ann Oakes at Chapel Street Bedford 28 years

16/8/1856 daughter of Richard Eckersley at Pied Bull Inn Bridge Street Leigh 2 years

18/8/1856 Jane Eliza daughter of Samuel Ratcliffe at Bury Lane Culcheth 9 years

18/8/1856 Fanny widow of the late Otho Cooke at Bury Lane Culcheth 73 years

18/8/1856 Hannah daughter of Sarah Lyon at Welsh Hill Pennington 3 Months

20/8/1856 Harriet wife of James Pownall at Pennington Hall 50 years

20/8/1856 Ellen Peters daughter of Edmund Bleasedale Lateley Common Bedford 2


20/8/1856 Thomas son of Martin Fay at Chapel Street, Bedford

208/1856 James son of Harriet Sanderson at Brown Street Bedford 3 months


30 August 1856



17/81856 William Webb x Miss Ann Ward at Tyldesley Chapel

23/81856 Robert Hall x Sarah Hall both Bedford at Bethesda Independent Chapel Leigh

23/8/1856 James Tobin x Mary Flaherty both Pennington at R C Church Bedford

24/8/1856 John Unsworth x Miss Charlotte Brimilow both Tyldesley at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh               

24/8/1856 William Ramsdale x Miss Catherine Boardman both Bedford at Tyldsley


25/8/1856 James Berry x Miss Catherine Anderson both Bedford at Tyldsley Chapel

27/8/1856 Thomas McCairn x Miss Mary Grany both Tyldesley at R C Church Bedford

28/8/1856 William Pasquill x Catherine daughter of the late Edward Croston and grand  daughter of Nicholas Unsworth Four Lane Ends at Unitarian Chapel Atherton




21/8/1856 Ann daughter of Peter Leyland at Bury Lane Culcheth 5 months

23/8/1856 Jane 2nd daughter of Richard Morgan at Lord Street Leigh 32 years

24/8/1856 James son of Abel Parkinson at Town Lane 4 years

25/8/1856 Rachel wife of Thomas Gregson at Lateley Common Bedford 22 years

26/8/1856 Thomas son of Thomas Clarke at Trafalgar Street, Bedford 1 month

27/8/1856 Israel son of James Unsworth at Vernon Street, Leigh 5 years

27/8/1856 Abraham son of Isaac Unsworth at Vernon Street Leigh 15 months

28/8/1856 William Baxter at King Street Bedford 75 years

28/8/1856 Ellen daughter of James Tyrer at Gas Street Pennington 18 months


6th September 1856



25/8/1856 John Kay blacksmith of Leigh x Nancy eldest daughter of William Brooks at Parish Church Leigh

28/8/1856 J. S Turner Green of Middleton Hal Lancashire County Court Judge x

Caroline Susannah 2nd daughter of Charles Brant Clydesdale Villa Leamington

at the Parish Church Leamington

31/8/1856 William Yates flour dealer x Miss Jones both Bedford at St. Thomas Bedford

31/81856 Thomas Gregory of Westleigh x Miss Mary Prescott of Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

31/8/1856 Thomas Lowe x Miss Ellen Dickinson both Leigh at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

1/9/1856 Peter Shovelton x Miss Margaret Pendlebury both Leigh at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

1/9/1856 Edward Ormrod of Atherton x Betsey daughter of John Hope of Tyldesley at

Unitarian Chapel Atherton



31/8/1856 Thomas James Tildsley at Astley Green Astley 7 years

1/9/1856 Thomas Robson at Chapel Street Bedford 32 years

2/9/1856 Mary Ann eldest daughter of the late Rev. B. R Davies at Atherton many years minister at that place

2/91856 George infant son of George W. Rylance at Tyldesley 5 months

3/9/1856 Stephen Knowles at Hindle's Smithy Bedford 68 years

3/9/1856 Martha wife of William Morris basket maker at Bradshawgate 34 years

5/9/1856 Ann wife of Thomas Darwell market looker Leigh at Southport 53 years


13 September 1856



8/9/1856 Peter Eden x Miss Ellen Aldred both Pennington at Tyldesley Chapel



6/9/1856 Alice wife of John Monks at Jones's Square Bedford 28 years

7/9/1856 William Sale at Astley Green Astley 40 years

9/9/1856 Martha widow of the late James Lowe at Newchurch Culcheth

12/9/1856 Ellis son of Sarah Farrington at Jones's Square Bedford 4 years


20 September 1856



7/91856 William Guest x Miss Hannah Barr both Tyldesley at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

14/9/1856 Joseph Hilton x Miss Hannah Collins both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel

14/9/1856 John Talbot x Miss Margaret Gregson both Lowton at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

14/9/1856 Joseph Fearnhead x Ann Edge both Atherton at Wesleyan Chapel Leigh

15/9/1856 James Fox x Miss Ann Shuttleworth both Bedford at Tyldesley Chapel



16/9/1856 Ralph son of Thomas Howcroft at Bedford 4 months

18/9/1856 Richard s of Josiah Thomason at Bedford 6 weeks


27 September 1856



21/9/1856 Samuel Hulme of Pennington x Miss Emma Martin of Bedford at Tyldesley chapel



17/9/1856 Ralph Wright at Kenyon 76 years

20/9/1856 Mary wife of William Paddison and only remaining child of Samuel Stockton at Woodburn House 51 years

22/9/1856 Sarah wife of Thomas Unsworth of Newchurch Culcheth 36 years

26/9/1856 Peter Ward at Jones's Buildings Leigh 59 years


3 October 1856



26/9/1856 John Rawlinson at Atherton 41 years

26/9/1856 Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Lawton at Platt Lane Culcheth 3 years

27/9/1856 Richard Clayton at Kinkno Hall Culcheth

28/9/1856 Jane daughter of Kay Haywood at Bury Lane Culcheth 18 months

29/9/1856 Mary wife of Thomas Edwards at Westleigh 41 years

Tuesday the 30th September 1856 was the last day allowed by law for internments in the Leigh graveyards. The last internment took place on Tuesday afternoon at Bethesda Chapel. The first internment at the new cemetery was yesterday afternoon when Phoebe wife of Thomas Knowles of Bradshawgate Leigh who was buried in this consecrated ground.